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[Dataloss] follow-up: Two held over BNP membership leak

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Date: Mon Dec 08 2008 - 04:06:38 CST

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By Angela Balakrishnan and agencies
December 5 2008

Police have arrested two people in Nottinghamshire over the leak of the
BNP membership list on the internet.

The arrests came as part of an investigation by the Welsh police, who are
in charge of the case, and the information commissioner's office.

Police said the pair, who have not been named, were held in connection
with alleged offences under the Data Protection Act.

A spokesman for Dyfed Powys police said: "We can confirm that last night
Nottinghamshire police arrested two people as part of a joint
investigation with Dyfed Powys police and the information commissioner's
office in conjunction with alleged criminal offences under the Data
Protection Act.

"The arrests followed an investigation into a complaint received about the
unauthorised release of the BNP party membership list."

The revelation of the party's 13,500-strong membership list last month
caused an uproar after thousands of people were identified as supporters
of the far right. The exposure left many facing the risk of dismissal from
work, disciplinary action or vilification.

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