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[Dataloss] Employee Files Found, Company Says They Were Stolen

From: kirniki (kirnikigmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 09:13:38 CDT


JACKSONVILLE, FL -- More than 100 employee files containing sensitive
information, like social security numbers and fingerprints, were
dropped off at First Coast News by a person claiming to be a janitor.

That person said the files were in the trash at Guardsmark, a security
company in Jacksonville.

However, a company official said the files are stolen.

The files are about 10 years old. Some files have newspaper clippings
about employees. One in particular, has an article about child
pornography charges one worker was facing.


"(The file) has pictures, social security numbers. If you are going to
do identity theft, here it is. It has my life history," said Clement.

The woman who found the files said she worked several cleaning jobs at
Guardsmark. She did not want to be identified but tells First Coast
News she found the stacks of files at the bottom of trash bin about 11
months ago.

She said she kept the files at home because she did not want to get
the cleaning company she works for in trouble.

Guardsmark management did not want to talk on camera, but an employee
tells First Coast News the files were most likely in a hallway,
waiting to be shredded.

That employee said company officials had no idea the files were
missing until contacted by First Coast News.

However, a manager with Guardsmark said the files were stolen from a
locked room. He said that room was only accessible to a few employees
and the cleaning crew.

"Of course they will say they were stolen because they got to cover
themselves," said Clement, adding he does not know who to believe.

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