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[Dataloss] NY: Documents found in mall parking lot

From: kirniki (kirnikigmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 18:34:52 CST


PALISADES (WABC) -- Hundreds of documents with personal information
like social security numbers were found in the parking lot of a
popular mall.

The papers were just flying around for anyone to take.

So who dumped them? And was anyone's identity ripped off?

The confidential papers were found by a man at the Palisades Mall in
Rockland County. To make it worse, and what really got the man angry,
is that no one at the mall seemed interested in taking those documents

Jenna Zaccaro's initial reaction was surprise, followed by anger after
seeing an old job application with critical personal information. It
was found outside the mall, blowing in the wind.

 The applications are for a clothing store named Metropark, a Los
Angeles-based chain. The paperwork asks for the applicant's social
security number, past employment history and detailed contact
information. On many, a second form asks for birthday and even
driver's license number. Most of the applicants are in their late
teens or early 20s. A credit expert says young people are even more at
risk of identity theft.

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