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[Dataloss] Update: Heartland breach shows why compliance is not enough

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Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 02:59:33 CST

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By Jaikumar Vijayan
January 6, 2010

Nearly a year after Heartland Payment Systems Inc. disclosed what turned
out to be the biggest breach involving payment card data, the incident
remains a potent example of how compliance with industry standards is no
guarantee of security.

Princeton, N.J.-based Heartland last Jan. 20 disclosed that intruders had
broken into its systems and stolen data on what was later revealed to be a
staggering 130 million credit and debit cards. That number easily eclipsed
the 94 million cards that were compromised in the massive breach disclosed
by TJX Companies Inc. in 2007.

However, it wasn't just the scope of the Heartland breach that made it
remarkable, but also the company's insistence that it was certified as
fully compliant with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standard (PCI DSS) when it was compromised.

In public comments after the breach, Heartland CEO Robert Carr
emphatically claimed the intrusion occurred even though the company had
implemented every single one of the security controls mandated by the PCI
standard. In an interview with Computerworld last June, Carr said the
breach pointed to both the sophistication of the attacks against Heartland
and the inadequacy of relying on PCI controls alone for data security.

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