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Subject: Re: [lwlan-user]: CompaqWL200+CiscoAP+Linux=Not_Working
From: Scott Franzyshen (sfranzyshenlazerlink.net)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 15:48:37 CST

Here is a response from David Hinds (the developer of the pcmcia-cs package)
about the pack_cis utility program limitations ... here is what he said;

>>You're right, pack_cis doesn't understand the full set of tuples that can
>>reported by dump_cis. The ones you are worried about, are not used by any
>>the current PCMCIA drivers. So in that sense, it should not make any
>>if your new CIS leaves them out.
>> I should extend pack_cis to handle the full output of dump_cis but it has
been a low priority.
>> -- Dave

Scott Franzyshen

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