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FreeBSD Security Archives: Re: Syslog over serial

Re: Syslog over serial

The Mad Scientist (madscientistthegrid.net)
Sat, 02 Oct 1999 15:02:37 -0700

At 06:10 AM 9/30/99 +0200, you wrote:
>At 19:15 28/09/99 -0700, The Mad Scientist wrote:
>>I've always seen this as the "recommended" way to do things. How do you
>>set logging over serial lines up? Do I log to something like /dev/cuaa1?
>>What do i set up on the other side?
>quite simply..
>just establish a p-t-p IP connection.. through /dev/lp0 for example.
>use a reserved ip for this..
>something like:
> ifconfig lp0 inet netmask
>(others interface could have a normal IP .. or another reserved ip, it
>doesn't matter.. if possible, use a completly different reserved class
>for such things.. ie, if your ether/atm/fddi interface is using 192.168.x.x,
>well, use 10.x.x.x for this.. just to really hide this ptp interface)
>then, in your syslog.conf, use something like this:
>hope this helps.

Great, thanks. What about connecting a few machines to a central logging
server with this setup? Will I have to get a board for the logging server
with a number of parallel ports? Can I get whatever hardware that is used
to hook up multiple printers to a single machine?
Thanks for the help,

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