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Subject: Re: Displacement of Blame[tm]
From: Justin Wolf (jjwolfbleeding.com)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 16:59:10 CDT

> Because we are trying to provide a service to FreeBSD users.

Then send it to freebsd-security. Any emails sent to non-FreeBSD lists
could still omit the FreeBSD bit from the header.

> In my case, I am thinking how these subjects look to people are NOT
> currently running freebsd, and thus they have absolutely no reason to
> read the whole article to "learn" the distinction between "FreeBSD"
> and "FreeBSD Ports".

I thought the advisory had to do with anyone running the version of the
software which was included in the ports and had nothing to do with the
FreeBSD association. In which case, maybe it would be good to have people
read it if they're running the affected version on an OS other than FBSD.

> (also note that I do think that the recent addition of the
> word "Ports" to the subject line may be enough to address
> these concerns)

"What's a port?"


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