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From: X Philius (xphiliusyahoo.com)
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 12:18:17 CDT

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    Thanks so much for your rapid reply. One would hope to get such
    excellent service from paid, comerical software! An excellent example
    of open source software at it's finest! More below..


    > There is nothing special to do to verify that the patch was
    > installed.
    > Either you applied the patch, recompiled, and reinstalled, or you
    > didn't.

    Great. That is clear enough. I suppose the practice of using 'script'
    to capture the output of the patch, make and install process and
    looking it over for errors will be sufficient to satisfy my anal
    retentive tendancies ;-)

    > > 2. The security notice did not really say what I needed to do to
    > make
    > > sure that the new version of sshd was loaded in to memory after the
    > > install.
    > Yes, that was an oversight that we hope to avoid in the future.

    Wow. You guys are great. The security notifications in general are very
    clear. As I said, I pretty much followed the instructions by rote,
    never having run a patch on my source before, and it worked just fine.

    > You can terminate the master SSH process without affecting your
    > currently active SSH sessions. The PID of the master process is
    > probably in /var/run/sshd.pid. You might also use `sockstat' to
    > determine which process is listening --- look for the wildcard
    > address
    > `*:*' in the rightmost column.

    Wonderful. I assume I can find the PID by running ps -x as well,
    correct? It would be the process ID for /usr/sbin/sshd...

    Thanks again for your diligence.


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