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From: Brett Glass (brettlariat.org)
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 17:06:13 CDT

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    At 11:22 AM 7/2/2002, Wincent Colaiuta wrote:

    >So on production systems track RELENG_4_6 now, and when that stops being updated, start tracking RELENG_4_7, and so on....

    With the flurry of changes going on (including the OpenSSH hole and libc
    hole in the base install and the Apache vulnerability in the ports and
    packages), it'd be nice to see an interim release. Who here would be
    in favor of that? Who, on the FreeBSD Core Team, might make the decision
    to do an interim release before 4.7 (scheduled for October)? (Yes, it
    takes work to put out a release, but do we really want everyone who wants
    a secure system to have to install from -STABLE snapshots, running the
    risk of picking a bad day, for four months?)

    --Brett Glass

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