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From: Alexandr Kovalenko (never_at_nevermind.kiev.ua)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 10:46:46 CDT

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    Hello, William Allmendinger!

    On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 11:21:12AM -0400, you wrote:

    > Please excuse what is possiblly a very easy question. How
    > does one find out what the latest security branch is for a
    > particular release? In the advisory for reslov, it states to
    > upgrade you system to the latest security branch,
    > 4.5-RELEASE-p7. How do I find out if this is the latest one
    > to upgrade/install from. I can't move to 4.6 yet due to an
    > isue with the boot loader and scsi, waiting for 6.1 to see
    > if it has a fix. These are production systems and I need
    > them as secure and stable as possible. Thanks.
    Just track RELENG_4_5 branch.

    P.S. Moving to freebsd-questions as it is FAQ.

    Ukrainian FreeBSD User Group

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