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Administrativia: Documentation project slightly on hold (sorry!)

Date: Sun Apr 06 2003 - 16:28:35 CDT

Hello security folks

I (not so) recently asked for volunteers to the security documentation
project. I got delightfully large number of volunteers! Thank you!

Right now I have some personal (medical) issues to deal with, and I'll
be out of town for the next 2 weeks. When I get back, we can move ahead
at top speed.

The project will have 3 parts.

FAQ: This will cover any kind of basic security question. The intent is
     that the FAQ's should be the nitty-gritty quick-but-not-so-obvious
     tidbits that will make a sysadmins life easier in a collection. They
     should be the kind of thing that could be done as tip-of-the-day
     by something like fortune(6).

HOWTOs: These would be longer documents where (perhaps) step-by-step
        setups are described. Eg, I want to write one where a FreeBSD
        Cluster-type NIS/Kerberos5 setup is described in a foolproof

HANDBOOK: The handbook is in serious need of updating. For this list,
          only the security parts are of relevance.

Folks can get on with it right away. Discussing the FAQ is specifically
on-topic for this list (as long as it is focussed!). PLEASE PLEASE
keep the technical focus. I don't want this list to degenerate into
questions noise again.

The others should be considered carefully, but (eg) if someone wrote a
HOWTO and posted it here for review, it would be on-topic as long as it
was a _security_ HOWTO. Markup issues are off-topic and irrelevant to
this list.

The choice of actual markup will be chosen later, but you can't go far
wrong if you use DocBook or DocBook/XML. Whatever you use for your
document, be prepared to modify the markup, so the safest may be plain
ole ASCII.

PS: When I get back, I'll also look at the issue of an open
    security-questions list.

Mark Murray
iumop ap!sdn w,I idlaH
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