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Re: Sendmail issues; possible exploit?

From: Nick Golder (nrgtiming.com)
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 16:56:26 CDT

On 2004-04-29 22:57 +0400, Alex V Eustrop wrote:
> Are you using clamav-milter? There are was such trouble with clamav-milter
> from clamav-devel before Apr 2004 on FreeBSD 4.9 (sendmail 8.12.9p2)
> I had that problem with 1.5 minutes or more while transferring single
> message to sendmail with clamav-milter. Sendmail has no trouble without
> clamav-milter or with other one (For example - spamass-milter-0.2.0_1 port)
> Clamav was fixed for that bug, but real problem could be (on not to be)
> inside sendmail.
> P.S. I am not sure that my message will be posted to freebsd-security,
> but you can forward it to upcoming discussion if it's interesting.

It did end up being clamd/clamav-milter. The symptoms began when clamd
exited with a signal 6. Thanks for the suggestions.

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