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RE: [inbox] Re: [Full-Disclosure] Training & Certifications

From: Exibar (exibarthelair.com)
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 19:28:57 CDT

When that cert will get me the contract over someone that doesn't have that
cert, I could care less if that phone operator could spell CISSP.... Now
I'm not saying that it's good public relations for their operators not to
know ISC2's own policies, but for a lot of security professionals, those 5
letters might as well be spelled $$$$$.... just like MSCE was way back
when.... and who knows what will be 5 years from now....

  Please no replies with "well *I* don't have the CISSP and I'm getting
contracts left and right... for those FEW that can win a contract without
those letters, more power to them keep up the good work! Just hope that you
don't bid for a contract and go up against someone that HAS those 5
letters.... you'll probably not win that contract... in the real world, thye
DO mean something to potential employers, thats why people get the certs.
If they're a paper only type certified, well they won't be able to finish
the contract and either get fired or worse.


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> > If that was the reason for not hiring the person, good for him then!
> On the other hand...
> > If you went to ISC2's site and go to Directory of CISSPs and
> SSCPs and read:
> >
> > "... ISC2 will continue to respond to any employer requests for (ISC)2
> > credential holder verifications. Such requests must be in writing on the
> > employer's company letterhead and a release signature from the
> > must be included in the request. "
> Do you want to give much weight to a cert from an organization, when the
> organization's *own* staff can't get that one right? (I mean, we'd not be
> having this interchange if the original poster had been told that
> by ISC2, would
> we?)

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