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[Full-Disclosure] Release of Arkeia Network Backup 5.3.5 fixes security issue

From: Arnaud Spicht (aspichtarkeia.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 10:59:47 CST

After carefully examining issues recently discussed in public technical
forums, Arkeia Corp. has immediately released a new version to block any
potential invasion of Arkeia protected networks.

ANB 5.3.5 fixes a buffer overflow bug that could allow a remote attacker
to remotely execute arbitrary code, and thereby get root access to the

The fix is also applicable to previous versions of Arkeia (5.1, 5.2,
Arkeia Light). The appropriate packages can be found on the Arkeia websites:

     * http://www.arkeia.com/donwload/anb/ (Version 5.3.5)
     * http://www.arkeia.com/donwload/52/ (Version 5.2.28)
     * http://www.arkeia.com/donwload/51/ (Version 5.1.21)

For Arkeia light: http://www.arkeia.org/download/light/

If you are using Arkeia in an untrusted environment such as a publicly
accessible Web server or corporate mail gateway, it is strongly advised
to upgrade to this version. The bug is in the arkeiad daemon process,
making it necessary to upgrade all the sensitive client machines.

Arkeia users should also remember to take into account Arkeia security
recommendations in the Arkeia User Manual "Appendix B: System Security."
We urge you to read again the sections describing how to secure Arkeia
against system-level intrusion.
Get the Arkeia_User_Manual.pdf at http://www.arkeia.com/manuals.html

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