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[Full-disclosure] Re: [Private]Multiple AV Vendor IncorrectCRC32BypassVulnerability.

From: bipin gautam (visitbipinyahoo.com)
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 12:03:11 CST

firstly... thankyou for all your coments.

> The Antigen_s.zip does not contain a valid Eicar
> this info when repaired
> and opened is X5O!P%AP[4\PZX
> We did catch it with a file filter.
> What was your intent with these files?

OOPS! again my fault!!!
TRY: http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/Antigen.zip

my intension was to show, if the archive has
compressed size and uncompressed size set to greater
than the actual file size or less than the actual file
size there are many AV that can't scan the file

send http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/Antigen.zip
 to virustotal.com and see for yourself!!!

Download Accelerator successfully repairs this archive
with some garbage data \x00 at the end "255 bytes"
Though, i was able to successfully execute eicar.com

updates at:
___________________My report!_______________________
This is a report processed by VirusTotal on 03/12/2005
at 18:38:32 (CET) after scanning the file
"Antigen.zip" file.
Antivirus Version Update Result
AntiVir 03.11.2005 Eicar-Test-Signature
AVG 718 03.11.2005 EICAR_Test (+187)
BitDefender 7.0 03.12.2005 no virus found
ClamAV devel-20050307 03.10.2005 Eicar-Test-Signature
DrWeb 4.32b 03.12.2005 no virus found
eTrust-Iris 03.12.2005 no virus found
eTrust-Vet 03.11.2005 no virus found
Fortinet 2.51 03.11.2005 no virus found
F-Prot 3.16a 03.11.2005 EICAR_Test_File
Ikarus 2.32 03.11.2005 EICAR-ANTIVIRUS-TESTFILE
Kaspersky 03.12.2005 EICAR-Test-File
McAfee 4445 03.11.2005 no virus found
NOD32v2 1.1024 03.11.2005 archive damaged
Norman 5.70.10 03.10.2005 no virus found
Panda 8.02.00 03.12.2005 Eicar.Mod
Sybari 7.5.1314 03.12.2005 no virus found
Symantec 8.0 03.11.2005 no virus found

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