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[Full-disclosure] Paper - How It's Difficult to Ruin a Good Name: An Analysis of Reputational Risk

From: Kenneth F. Belva (kenftusecurity.com)
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 07:26:17 CDT

This paper was delivered as the keynote presentation at the FiTech
Summit 2005.

You may find a link to the FiTech Summit here:

The paper asks:

Given a publicly disclosed security incident, "to what extent is (or
isn't) investor confidence shaken? In other words, why is it the case
that information security incidents do not appear to have a greater
impact on both investor confidence as well as the public at large? To
phrase the question in financial terms: why isn't the top line effected
more than it is? To poignantly highlight this phenomena we ask: If 40
million customer credit card numbers are exposed in a security breach at
the credit card processor CardSystems , why do a significant number
people not cancel their Visa and/or Mastercard?"

A copy of the presentation may be found here:

This paper should be regarded as a starting point for further, positive

Kenneth F. Belva, CISSP

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