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[Full-disclosure] iDefense Labs Quarterly VCP Award Winners

From: iDEFENSE Labs (labs-no-replyidefense.com)
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 16:37:30 CDT

iDefense Labs is pleased to announce the following three contributors as
the award winners of the incentive program for the 3rd quarter of 2005.

    * $5,000 1st place Jo Goossens
    * $3,000 2nd place infamous41mdhotpop.com
    * $1,000 3rd place Anonymous

Retention program award winners are as follows:

    * $10,000 1st place infamous41mdhotpop.com
    * $8,000 2nd place CIRT.DK
    * $6,000 3rd place Anonymous
    * $4,000 4rd place Anonymous
    * $2,000 5rd place Jo Goossens

Congratulations. For information regarding the details of the rewards
program please refer to:


Further information about iDefense Labs, the Vulnerability Contributor
Program and access to open source tools can be found at:



Michael Sutton
Director, iDEFENSE Labs

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