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[Full-disclosure] Text messaging information disclosure query

From: Stan Bubrouski (stan.bubrouskigmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 03 2006 - 15:38:52 CST


For years my cell phone has been the recipient of some pretty scary
text messages which have included complete strangers' prescriptions,
SS#, credit card #s, etc...

Space limitations and a lack of interest in fraud have caused me to
erase these messages in the past, but due to battery consumption
caused by getting dozens of these at once and filling my box as of
late I thought its time to speak up.

The reason I get this information is extremely poor programming by 3rd
party mobile phone service providers which I had never signed up for.
I know the reason I have been recieving such messages (along with
hundreds of other personal messages not meant for me to see), but now
I'm getting more annoyed and curious.

I'm wondering if others on the list could offer up some their
experiences with this kind of thing as I'm currently doing a small
writeup on how these companies are erasing our privacy.

What I am looking for is specifics, like such and such company was
spamming my phone with people's credit card orders etc... and provide
a couple examples for verification (off list please, and don't send me
SS# or CC# I have no interest in them).

Best Regards,
Stan Bubrouski
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