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[Full-disclosure] [MU-200604-01] Cyrus SASL DIGEST-MD5 Pre-Authentication Denial of Service

Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 13:05:41 CDT

Hash: SHA1

Cyrus SASL DIGEST-MD5 Pre-Authentication Denial of Service [MU-200604-01]
April 7, 2006


Affected Product/Versions:


Product Overview:

SASL (Simple Authentication Security Layer) is an Internet standards-track
method for remote computers to authenticate. The Cyrus SASL library makes
supporting various SASL mechanisms easy for both client and server writers.

Vulnerability Details:

A denial of service condition exists in the SASL authentication library during
DIGEST-MD5 negotiation. This potentially affects multiple products that use
SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication including OpenLDAP, Sendmail, Postfix, Apple,

Vendor Response / Solution:

All users of this authentication library are recommended to upgrade to 2.1.21
which fixes these problems.

Hotfix solution to this advisory:


Mu Security would like to thank the SASL team in advance for timely
remediation of these vulnerabilities.


This vulnerability was discovered by the Mu Security research team.


Mu Security is an early-stage innovator creating a new class of security
analysis system. The company's mission is to widely deploy security analysis
and reduce product and application vulnerabilities. Mu's founders include
industry-recognized experts in the IDP, open source protocol analysis tools,
ethical hacking, and network management markets. The security analysis process
and product solution provide a rigorous and streamlined methodology for
verifying and improving the security readiness of any IP-based product or
application. Mu Security, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is backed
by preeminent venture capital firms including Accel Partners and Benchmark

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