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Re: [Full-disclosure] Want to test this desktop barrier?, (Unauthorized offer) 0day protection

From: Dan Renner (danlosangelescomputerhelp.com)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 12:32:51 CDT

This is definitely has more luxury features, but couldn't you do pretty
much the same with MSDN's DROPMYRIGHTS program?

It runs {whatever} program as a guest user, effectively dropping the
capabilities of that program to do nefarious things.



Dan Renner
Los Angeles Computerhelp

full-disclosure-requestlists.grok.org.uk wrote:

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>Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 10:14:21 -0700
>From: "Bill Stout" <bill.stoutgreenborder.com>
>Subject: [Full-disclosure] Want to test this desktop barrier?
> (Unauthorized offer) 0day protection
>To: <full-disclosurelists.grok.org.uk>
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>Hello All,
>We have an early release of consumer desktop safety software that I'd
>like some feedback on.
>Our software runs on XP SP2, and creates an application-level virtual
>environment primarily (for now) for Internet Explorer. This prevents
>modification of the base system by any content in the virtual
>environment. We refer to the virtual environment as 'x-space', or
>'within GreenBorder'. We apply access control from the virtual
>environment to; the filesystem, registry, user shell, COM objects, and
>system calls.
>Although only Internet Explorer and applications which open downloaded
>attachments are supported, other applications can be launched in the
>GreenBorder environment. Any processes running or temporary files or
>temporary registry entries are wiped from the virtual environment by an
>application reset. Files can be saved to a specific directory only, and
>applications in this environment are prevented from reading files
>outside this one directory (applies confidentiality).
>We don't determine what application running in the virtual environment
>is malicious or not, so therefore this is not a replacement for
>signature based protection systems. Most anything can run in the
>environment, it just can't modify local resources. This is great
>protection for 0-day exploits, and lets administrators wait to apply
>patches off-hours.
>Hammer on our software by running malware of your choice in the software
>environment. Please email me or the marketing email of your results.
>If you're running intensive tests, I would still recommend using a
>scratch system.
>We also have an enterprise version which uses a central whitelist to
>determine in which environment to open a site requested or Outlook
>message received.
>Bill Stout
>Appended below is our marketing spiel:
>"We are very pleased to give you special, early access to GreenBorder
>Pro, the new consumer edition of our patented enterprise technology
>(that's already protecting thousands of users in some of the most
>demanding environments).
>With GreenBorder Pro, NOTHING CAN BREAK INTO YOUR PC from the Web. You
> * Search & browse ANY website-without putting your PC, files or
> identity data at risk (or leaving any trace on your PC of where you
>have been :)
> * Shop & bank in privacy-without anything spying on your personal
> bank account and credit card numbers, passwords or online
> * Use any downloads-without worrying about anything nasty hidden
>Simply click on the link below to get to the GreenBorder Pro VIP page.
>There, you can see a guided tour, learn about the software, and download
>your own copy. Here is a special VIP license key to copy & paste when
>you install:
>Click here to get GreenBorder Pro
>We would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have
>along the way. Just email us at vipgreenborder.com or click on the
>GreenBorder icon and select Contact Customer Support in the software
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