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[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] Plain text password in Finjan Appliance 5100/8100 NG backup file

Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 05:34:13 CDT

Plain text password in backup file ( Finjan Appliance 5100/8100 NG)
The Version 8.3.5 is affected.

In the new console function backup and restore the passwords are saved as plain text.

The Finjan Appliance uses a Firebird database. The backup saves the database as text file.
Samba and FTP passwords can be found in the text file.

Example file ps.fdb.bak (user: testuser password: test1234):

<archive location="//test/temp" method="SAMBA" user="test/testuser" password="test1234"/><archive_fields>


The file ps.fdb.bak can be found in the archive backup_YYYY_MM_DD_hh_mm_ss.tar.

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