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[Full-disclosure] Outpost Firewall Pro secrately fixing security flaws?

From: Bipin Gautam (gautam.bipingmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 15:41:54 CDT

To my knowledge Outpost Firewall Pro 3.5.631 had a security issue
(say: 0-day) that An exception can be passed & then triggered by a
local system user to the firewall resulting in a SYSTEM CRASH due to a
overflow flaw in filtnt.sys (firewall driver) I was testing it on
winxpsp2 (patchlevel latest) & other possibilities of remote

try experimenting with:

c:\> mshta.exe longggggggggg string

After upgrading to Outpost Firewall Pro ver. 3.51.759.6511 (462) the
issue seems fixed.

so secret fix huh ?


Bipin Gautam

Zeroth law of security: The possibility of poking a system from lower
privilege is zero unless & until there is possibility of direct,
indirect or consequential communication between the two...

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