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Re: [Full-disclosure] hack this zine #4: zen and the art of non-disclosure

From: teh kids (tehkidsgooglemail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 10:18:09 CDT

you are so full of contradictions i had to reply you make me laugh,
like n3tt3rs does. I love him. I may love you

no translation this time (well yeah but not how you think - i got two
people to retype it instead - and they fixed some spelling errors ...
oh well, beggars cant be choosers.)

> All so you can get your name on some security list as the one who "found it
> first", and in all probability, you probably weren't the first anyway, as the
> real people who made the discovery would want nothing to do with such lists to
> begin with. And they probably have a billion more important ways of applying the
> trick in the first place.

you fucking loser, absolute fucking moron. and a billion more tricks
to try. now take you elitism and fuck off.

no one should know about the existence of buffer overruns so that you
can look good and like a magician infront of your friends? c'mon, dont
be a cockend.

if i tell people that what you are doing is not that hard then you get
upset because people wont look up to you anymore and be impressed by
your shit?? how about you do something worthwhile to get people to
look up to you?

you need to encourage people to learn. not keep secrets.

> So before you spill the beans, ask yourself whether there are people who need
> these tricks more than you do, or whether there are already such people at work
> and would full disclosure jeopardize their secret plans?

Next time you are about to eat ask yourself, does someone need this
food more than me? what happens if their secret plans are to steal all
my family's money? why should I act with integrity, just so you dont
have to?

What I do with what I find is upto me. who fucking cares if i ruin
your plans? you better think of some better ones.

that analogy is like saying ohh, no, dont buy that last case of
bullets, the bank robbers might need them. this is idiotic and
retarded. much like hack this site.

> That being said, we can move on to more pressing issues: how can we help the
> hacker movement to learn and grow without giving away and spoiling all our
> tricks?

by not being elitist pricks. by showing people how these things work.
they get fixed and people have to *learn* to move on. the question
should be how can we encourage people to learn for themselves rather
than begging to be taught.

fuck you and fuck your tricks, you keep up with the smoke and mirrors.
 at the end of the day, BUGS are public, EXPLOIT CODE is private.

> This was the big question as we were putting together this issue of our
> zine,

not where do babies come from? that might be a better question for
your mental level.

> shit because we're dominated by newbies or that we are aiming too low. Rest
> assured, there are plenty of us with skill waiting in the background waiting for
> YOU to start asking the right questions so the real training can begin. Yes, we
> want to share our shit with those who want to learn.

huh? so you can disclose? but i cannot?

> Before you can walk, you have to learn to crawl. And when you can walk you >can

actually if you were oldenough to have children you would know that
they run, crawl, then walk.

> be shown the path. And this is what every white-hat, security consultant, or
> full-disclosure advocate fails to see: we can show you the path, open the door,
> and offer you the red pill, but you have to take that first step and become that
> black hat hacktivist ninja.

fuck white hats, fuck black hats... self serving fucktards that get no
respect from me. it is about learning and applying knowledge, not
putting a label on yourself and thinking you are l33t

> Cause you're not helping anybody when you alert the vendor or post that 0day
> proof of concept code.

well yeah they are, the people that can learn by themselves, the smart
people, the people that need to learn new tricks to keep up. it
should be a race ... who wants to sit and get fat (are you american?)

I am teaching the vendor that they need to fix something, the fix it,
the change the way they work, I have a new challenge, I get to *learn*
something new.

knowledge hoarders are fuckstains on the face of humanity.

I do not disclose, not because I feel that you should be able to get
recognition and make money from something that you have stated I AM

i do not disclose because i think you are all cunts.

> This is what is known and loathed as "selling out", and it helps nobody but the
> forces which are working to destroy the hacking movement. The people who are
> seduced into it either end up regretting it or lose a bit of their humanity in
> the process of becoming a zombie worker bee for the Establishment.

fuck me, you have some authority issues, were you abused as a child?
have you gotten past puberty yet? why should i help someone else out?
 what people do with bugs or their own code is up to them, who are you
to say it isnt?

so doesnt help me == helps nobody? get some pubes then come back to the table.

> get involved with your local indymedia center to tell the stories corporate
> media ignores


> set up servers for radical websites and email lists and teach them how to
> communicate securely on the internet

lol 1!

> find ways to get shit for free(free copies, free internet, free public
> transportation, etc) and share it with those who need it the most

wait a minute - are you saying i should DISCLOSE information that is
"magic" oh right, so i can disclose to a certian set of people that
you approve of or say is okay. well fuck.

> help develop the next Internet, one that is free from NSA spooks, traffic
> shaping, hierarchal domain authorities, or corporate control in general

yeah, riiiiiiiiight, they control the information superhighway? read
that in class?
i bet your teachers love you. heh.

> help inspire those who will grow to be bigger stronger and smarter than you or
> I who will deal that final blow against capitalism and the state

yeah, and you do this by never telling them anything, showing them
anything or the such? how are they then going to strike the final
blow? lets all reinvent the wheel 1,000,000 times, but keep them all

> There is still magic out there for those who seek it: don't wait for it, it
> waits for you!

it is not magic you fuck. it is technology. i bet in 5 years time you
will be selling snake oil too its just you will think you are "just".

who wants tech to stay the same?! obviously you do cause you cannot
learn new challenges ...

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