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Re: [Full-disclosure] [WEB SECURITY] Stealing Search Engine Queries with JavaScript

From: Brian Eaton (eaton.listsgmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 14:18:44 CDT

On 9/29/06, Billy Hoffman <Billy.Hoffmanspidynamics.com> wrote:
> Possible uses:
> -HMO's website could check if a visitor has been searching other sites about
> cancer, cancer treatments, or drug rehab centers.
> -Advertising networks could gather information about which topics someone is
> interested based on their search history and use that to echance their
> customer databases.
> -Government websites could see if a visitor has been searching for
> bomb-making instructions.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the technique only works if
you can guess the entire set of search terms the user entered.

For example, let's say I searched for "XSS hack". The technique won't
work if the attacking web site checks only for "XSS", or only for
"hack". The technique does reveal that I searched for "XSS hack"


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