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Re: [Full-disclosure] Putty Proxy login/password discolsure....

Date: Fri Nov 03 2006 - 14:57:08 CST

Quoting Valdis.Kletnieksvt.edu:

> On Thu, 02 Nov 2006 01:15:19 CST, nocfed said:
>> And if you have physical access then you can simply use a floppy, usb
>> dongle, or any other type of removable media to boot from. Once
>> physical access is obtained then you pretty much have full access,
>> barring full disk encryption.
> For bonus points, figure out how to reboot the machine without being
> detected. For starters, there's that pesky 'uptime' ;)

I am taking this out of context, I know.

'uptime' is not really a reliable metric of uninterrupted system
execution in a
shared environment with physical access to system.

For years I had the longest dick in the IRC uptime wars by dropping a
BSD box to
ddb (kernel debugger), and setting the boottime variable to some
obscene number.
And then people were wondering how come I had a kernel built 2 months ago with
an uptime of 2 years.


has an example of usage.

Under Solaris, someone reasonably crafty might decide to boot into kadb (kgdb
now?) and basically do the same. Or probably edit the boottime variable
directly from userland - if you have physical access, why not root the
box? Root it through openfirmware even - there was a Phrack article on
how to do it.

Yes, one can lock the box physically, lock out BIOS, compile kernel
without ddb,
or secure openfirmware, and yet, someone with enough will will get in.

//Stany, who occasionally looks up from Lie Algebras, and reads Sysphrog's

(please cc: me on follow-ups if you want me to read them, otherwise I
might miss

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