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Re: [Full-disclosure] PayPal acount removal: bug or feature?

From: James (njan) Eaton-Lee (james.mailinggmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 16:40:53 CST

Valdis.Kletnieksvt.edu wrote:
> Anybody else thinking 'phish'? :)

Actually, no - I experienced almost precisely the same thing with an old
paypal account that we'd long since lost the password to and which was
associated with a dead e-mail address, and I remember experiencing
something similar to that described. I don't remember precisely how much
information I had to provide other than the account name.

I don't know if this only works with long-idle accounts, but I do recall
it being slightly odd at the time (and I checked the account was
legitimately closed! Thankfully, I wasn't too shocked since the account
was associated with dead bank details, anyhow..)

  - James.

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