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[Full-disclosure] [x0n3-h4ck] myBloggie 2.1.5 XSS exploit

Date: Wed Jan 17 2007 - 14:03:33 CST

                        myBloggie 2.1.5
  Author: CorryL [corryl80gmail.com]

-=[+] Application: myBloggie
-=[+] Version: 2.1.5
-=[+] Vendor's URL: http://mywebland.com/download.php?id=19
-=[+] Platform: Windows\Linux\Unix
-=[+] Bug type: Cross-Site Script
-=[+] Exploitation: Remote
-=[+] Author: CorryL ~ corryl80[at]gmail[dot]com ~
-=[+] Reference: www.x0n3-h4ck.org
-=[+] Virtual Office: http://www.kasamba.com/CorryL
-=[+] Irc Chan: irc.darksin.net #x0n3-h4ck

..::[ Descriprion ]::..

myBloggie is considered one of the most simple,
user-friendliest yet packed with features Weblog system available to date.
Built using PHP & mySQL, web most popular scripting language &
database system enable myBloggie to be installed in any webservers.
Template based designed enable you to customize myBloggie easily &
to create your own unique blog identity.
It's also super fast due to it size, set-up easily &
most of all the editor with BBcode supported buttons with prepost
preview make composition some much easier

..::[ Proof Of Concept ]::..


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