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[Full-disclosure] Firefox onUnload + document.write() memory corruption vulnerability (MSIE7 null ptr)

From: Michal Zalewski (lcamtufdione.ids.pl)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 19:36:44 CST

While researching my previous report on MSIE7 browser entrapment, I
noticed that Firefox is susceptible to a pretty nasty, and apparently
easily exploitable memory corruption vulnerability. When a location
transition occurs and the structure of a document is modified from within
onUnload event handler, freed memory structures are left in inconsistent
state, possibly leading to a remote compromise.

A quick test case that crashes while trying to follow partly
user-dependent corrupted pointers near valid memory regions (can be forced
to write, too):


This also crashes MSIE7 with a seemingly harmless NULL pointer bug (didn't
research it - do your homework).

Firefox problem is being tracked here:


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