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Re: [Full-disclosure] Python 2.5 (Modules/zlib) minigzip local buffer overflow vulnerability

From: Ismail Dönmez (ismailpardus.org.tr)
Date: Thu Mar 15 2007 - 10:17:34 CDT

On Thursday 15 March 2007 16:18:18 Marcus Meissner wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 02:16:41PM +0200, Ismail Dönmez wrote:
> > On Thursday 15 March 2007 04:26:29 James Matthews wrote:
> > > and you would think some bugs we got rid of in open source software!
> >
> > str{cpy,cat,...} which don't take an size attribute should be removed
> > from standard libc, I don't see why people still insist on using this
> > insecure variants.
> Thanks to _FORTIFY_SOURCE strcpy and strcat to fixed size buffers are
> at least protected now.

Yep, I hope more projects will integrate _FORTIFY_SOURCE into their build
cycle where supported by glibc.


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