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Re: [Full-disclosure] UK ISP threatens security researcher

From: Dr. Neal Krawetz, PhD (neal.krawetzmac.hush.com)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 07:01:05 CDT

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Let's keep in mind that publishing most security information
borders extortion. There isn't any other industry where fat nerds
try to strongarm large corporations into admitting there are
weaknesses in their products, defaming them publicly, causing their
stock prices to fall, or otherwise damaging their public image and
thus causing financial damage, et cetera.

Gadi, I doubt your people would be thrilled if you tried to
petition Yahweh with complaints regarding His children being
vulnerable to pieces of metal fired at high velocity from guns, and
demanding that if things aren't fixed within what you consider a
satisfactory timeframe (which, in the end is just some arbitrary
number invented by people with no concept of industry and
economics) that you will arm every man, woman, child, and lizard of
bordering Arabic nations to Israel in order to teach that big guy
up in the sky a lesson about not making humans impervious to

Come on man! You're smarter than this! When socially inept people
who possess only rudimentary computer skills start bullying (call
it what you will, in the end if you argue against my points you
clearly are one of those people who can't make it in the real
world) corporations for fame and money, which have real-world
financial consequences to said corporate entities, you are in the
least committing extortion. And while you might think these
efforts are noble, the reality of the situation is simple - this is
absolutely no different than a bunch of Russians with botnets,
forcing businesses to comply with their demands if that business
wishes to continue existing on the Internet.

When was the last time an auto manufacturer was humiliated publicly
because their car windows can easily be broken and contents of the
car stolen? When have chain manufacturers been chastised by the
mass media for the existence of bolt cutters? What about the
serious threat of hacksaws?

People, grow up. If your life is spent behind a computer
discovering uninteresting oversights in software design, where you
clearly lack experience and ability, and proclaiming yourself the
#chatzone badass and drolling saying "I'm the best evah!!!" doesn't
make you important. The sad state of this industry is that there
are enough ignorant people that find it impressive, and who don't
understand the ramifications of their publicity whoring and the
obvious parallels to other industries.

The long and short of it is:
  If you want to act like a criminal, be prepared to be treated
like a criminal, and don't cry about the choices you've made in
life. You aren't a fucking martyr when your motivations and cause
are only self-promoting and otherwise selfish.

Always remember the embarrassment to hackers, humans, and Hebrews
everywhere that is Kevin Mitnick.

- - Dr. Neal Krawetz, PhD

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 19:30:54 -0400 Gadi Evron <gelinuxbox.org>
>"A 21-year-old college student in London had his internet service
>terminated and was threatened with legal action after publishing
>of a critical vulnerability that can compromise the security of
>the ISP's
>I happen to know the guy, and I am saddened by this.
> Gadi.
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