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[Full-disclosure] Safari for Windows, 0day URL protocol handler command injection

From: Thor Larholm (seclistslarholm.com)
Date: Mon Jun 11 2007 - 20:45:54 CDT

Apple released version 3 of their popular Safari web browser today, with
the added twist of offering both an OS X and a Windows version. Given
that Apple has had a lousy track record with security on OS X, in
addition to a hostile attitude towards security researchers, a lot of
people are expecting to see quite a number of vulnerabilities targeted
towards this new Windows browser.

There is a URL protocol handler command injection vulnerability in
Safari for Windows that allows you to execute shell commands with
arbitrary arguments. This vulnerability can be triggered without user
interaction simply by visiting a webpage. The full advisory and a
working Proof of Concept exploit can be found at


Thor Larholm

I call dibs on the first SafariWin bug

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