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Re: [Full-disclosure] World's most powerful supercomputer goes online (fwd)

From: Timo Schoeler (timo.schoelerriscworks.net)
Date: Sun Sep 02 2007 - 14:12:44 CDT

thus hack the gov spake:
> On 9/2/07, Valdis.Kletnieksvt.edu <Valdis.Kletnieksvt.edu> wrote:
>> On Sat, 01 Sep 2007 18:37:11 BST, hack the gov said:
>>> On 8/31/07, Jay Sulzberger <jayspanix.com> wrote:
>>>> now that they have the world's most powerful supercomputer system at thei
>> r
>>>> disposal, what are they going to do with it?
>>> absolutely nothing.they're a bunch of pussys sitting infront of their
>>> computers with weak bone structures and a bend in their neck from
>>> sitting there so long.
>> No, between Storm and the Rock Phish stuff, I hardly think they qualify
>> as "pussies". Taking in $150M with *one* of their projects makes them
>> seriously big time.
>> http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?subjectid=7933606&story_id=9723768
>>> if they try anything stupid, the secret service
>>> will be around to straighten their bendy geekofied necks and crush
>>> their bodies into a fluid.
>> No, more likely, the Russians will demonstrate their techniques on the
>> Secret Service guys. They didn't get to control most of the Russian
>> economy by being nice guys. Messing with them gets you seriously *dead*.
> i think most americans would hand over their computer to the american
> government for a "cyber nuke program" to counter the "cyber threat" by
> russia. if i thought russia was "cyber nuking" the west or was about
> to, i'd sure let my computer be signed upto the "cyber nuke program",
> to make sure my bandwidth killed the russians "cyber nuke".

maybe some time you realize that there are only about 500 idiots
world-wide that make people (i.e. blatant idiots like soldiers) fight
against each other?

soldiers are murderers, as are the people who support them. in reality
and in the cyber world. period.

> this talk is very futuristic, but i think in the future we will need
> to get a u.s president to convince the american people that there is a
> "cyber threat", and we need your computers to counter incoming "cyber
> attacks" by foreign governments and terrorist groups.
> u.s intelligence services might need to allow a foreign government or
> a terrorist group to carry out an attack on "cyber infrastructure", as
> a proof of concept to show to the american people that a "cyber nuke
> program" using u.s citizen computers is necessary.
> just like the u.s intelligence services allowed a foreign government
> or terrorist group such as al queda to do 9/11 as a proof of concept
> to show the american people that a "war on terror" was necessary.
> before 9/11 there was no "war on terror", just like now there is no
> "cyber nuke program", "cyber war on terror" or in general "cyber
> terrorism" or "cyber terrorism threat", but if the u.s intelligence
> services knew a "cyber terror attack" was planned, they could allow it
> to happen, thus creating everything the u.s government need to take
> the world into a fully fledged "cyber world war", where the outcome of
> that war would very much favor america in its long term interests.
> if this thing is owned by a foreign government or terrorist group,
> then i think it would benefit the united states in the long term if
> the u.s intelligence services allow a foreign government or a
> terrorist group to "cyber attack" western interests as a proof of
> concept for political ends to show the american people why a "cyber
> nuke program" involving u.s citizen computers is necessary.
> yes, admittedly at the moment it all sounds futuristic and far
> reaching, but please link back to this e-mail in the future and you
> can say "hey that guy was right!".
> there is no shortage of u.s citizens signing up to fight the "war on
> terror" in iraq, afghanistan and elsewhere, so i think the same would
> apply to u.s citizens signing up to fight a "cyber war on terror",
> where the only difference is the soldiers are computers, fighting in
> the name of its country, "cyber soldiers" or "cyber troops" if you
> will.
> we need to focus on what a "cyber war" would be in real terms and how
> u.s citizens would be asked by the u.s government to be involved in
> countering that.
> i think a u.s citizen taking it upon himself to defend its country in
> a "cyber war" would be deemed illegal, only u.s citizens who had
> signed upto the official u.s "cyber nuke program" and had installed
> the official u.s "cyber nuke program" software from CD would be
> allowed to have its computer used to counter foreign threats to "cyber
> national security" interests. of course, u.s citizens wouldn't be
> given the software on the fly, the government would need to verify who
> you are first, that you are a u.s citizen and your computer is located
> within america for it to be permitted to join the u.s "cyber nuke
> program".

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