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[Full-disclosure] gallarific backdoored , vulnerable to xss

From: Thomas Pollet (thomas.polletgmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 11:07:57 CDT


I was looking at the free version of gallarific, and I found some suspicious
code in the scopbin directory.
Attached is a file I found in the zip i downloaded, in case someone wants to
decode it.

the package can be downloaded from

Also, the software contains several xss flaws:

1) When modifying a user his email address like
persistent xss wil occur when viewing gadmin/users.php or moderating the
comments in gadmin/comments.php

2) When adding a comment like "><script>alert(1)</script> , xss will occur
when moderating the comments

3) gallery/tags.php?tag="><script>alert(1)</script>

4) probably more bugs.

Thomas Pollet

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