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Re: [Full-disclosure] Microsoft Internet Information Server ftpd zeroday

From: Guido Landi (listskeamera.org)
Date: Wed Sep 02 2009 - 03:33:47 CDT

no, MKDIR is *not* required, also write access is *not* required.

Assuming a directory with a name that starts with "A" exists and that is
at least 14 chars long, this pattern will trigger the overflow:

NLST [Ax206]*/../A*/../A*/../A*/../A*/../A*/../A*/../A*/\r\n

At least on win2k3. Therefore, the workarounds for kb975191 on
microsoft.com are wrong.

Guido Landi

Vladimir '3APA3A' Dubrovin wrote:
> Dear Thierry Zoller,
> I think yes, MKDIR is required. It should be variation of
> S99-003/MS02-018. fuzzer should be very smart to create directory and
> user both oversized buffer and ../ in NLST - it makes path longer than
> MAX_PATH with existing directory.
> --Monday, August 31, 2009, 8:21:12 PM, you wrote to full-disclosurelists.grok.org.uk:
> TZ> Confirmed.
> TZ> Ask yourselves why your fuzzers haven't found that one - Combination of
> TZ> MKDIR are required before reaching vuln code ?

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