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[Full-disclosure] XSS in WebMathematica

From: Floyd Fuh (floyd_fuhyahoo.de)
Date: Wed Dec 23 2009 - 04:16:53 CST

Hi list I tried to follow the RainForest Puppy Policy, but Wolfram didn't respond to my email within 5 days. In some installations, the MSP script of webMathematica is vulnerable to reflected XSS. Just insert a backslash after the script name MSP, which is normally located under the "webMathematica" folder: http://www.example.com/webMathematica/MSP\<script>alert('a')</script> Oh and of course a local path disclosure: http://www.example.com/webMathematica/MSP You can find victims with this Google search string: inurl:"/webMathematica/" -wolfram.com Most victims are universities and high schools all over the world, from Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, America and Japan. Don't forget that a lot of universities are part of Microsoft's MSDN and the students can download nearly all Microsoft software for free. This could be an interesting exploiting scenario. cheers floyd PS: I don't need a blog __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Sie sind Spam leid? Yahoo! Mail verfügt über einen herausragenden Schutz gegen Massenmails. http://mail.yahoo.com

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