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[Full-disclosure] Randi Harper aka Sektie demolished

From: Gary Niger (goatsecgmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2010 - 02:34:36 CDT

Oh, Randi Harper! I see you're single now. It was going so well! What happened?

Many people thought it funny how you ran around calling yourself a FreeBSD developer, when you're really just QA. We watch you suck enough dick to get jobs via your boyfriends and then play WoW at work all day while snorting meth in the bathrooms and we just have to laugh. You lose job after job to incompetence, drug addiction, general whitetrashiness and pre-schoolesque infighting and you somehow feel you have the right to continue strutting around like some unsullied princess. What is even more funny is that you aren't anywhere near an unsullied princess, you're a filthy used up whore.

You thought you could pull a heist on some dotcom faggot. You fed him some hilarious story about how after you had your first kid, you cleaned up your act and nearly regained your lost innocence. *YOU* of all people, spinning a tale about being a born again virgin. The irony was delicious. We couldn't help but giggle. You see, darling, long ago we rooted your server at ThePlanet. We took your homedir and mailspool, laughed at the contents, and waited for the right moment to strike. You were going to be married. You were going to have a normal life. What better time than now? What better place than here?

I present to you all the prize, FreeBSDgirl's archived homedir and mailspool, complete with lulzy emails, passwords (m0nk3y!) and shitty code:

Mark's lucky we came to his rescue. You had him fooled. He was going to fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book. Literally so, it was described in Genesis 34-- Shechem fell in love with Dinah, even though she'd been sucking the dicks of her brothers as they wandered around as lost nomads. He stuck his dick in a stupid fat pig and it was ~love~. With you, of all people. Even after you took every dick on the FreeBSD dev team, even zb's Jewish micropenis. Had he stuck around with you he might have ended up like Shechem: dead due to dick-related problems.

I think Mark was desperate enough that if you had been honest with him from the front instead of feeding him some stupid redemption-centered story that it might have worked out. When confronted with the truth I think that Mark was more disgusted with your gigantic series of lies than anything else.

First shocker! SEKTIE IS NOT A BORN AGAIN VIRGIN. ./Maildir/cur/1141571814.78290_2.freebsdgirl.com:2,Sfh contains a hilarious rant from her ex-boyfriend Mike about their BDSM practices.
"Ok, I WILL regret sending this later. I'm looking at the collar and cuffs..."
"This has nothing to do with our relationship. This is about what I wanted you to be when you put that collar on."
"So many things i never said because I was to ashamed. No more. In the books, Jonathan wasn't all there. I would have been him until this week. Maybe you won't be offended by this. Dunno if i could tell you some of the things sober, but we could do it on the phone. I'll definately need a few drinks. Again, this isn't about you and i being together, the recent events, etc. I want to know the feeling of having complete and utter control over you." FUCKING LOL

Shocker #2: MIKE KNOCKED SEKTIE UP AND SHE HAD AN ABORTION. The livejournal post is here:
http://community.livejournal.com/abortionhelp/24287.html (see it before she deletes it!) http://i41.tinypic.com/2vwidll.png (screenshotted for historical records)
We found the reply notification emails for the contents on this post in your mailspool.

"I run a fairly high-profile blog (non-lj), and I've had to keep all mentions of this out of it, because I'm worried about the attacks. I also worry for my boyfriend, the male side of this equation. I have to protect his privacy as well. I created this (relatively) anonymous livejournal account just because I needed to get it out, somewhere. I'm nearly 15 weeks pregnant, and I've been trying to get an abortion since I knew, 7 weeks ago."

The irony of how you comment about fearing attacks based on publicly revealing your abortion makes this extra delicious.

Bonus lol: ./Maildir/cur/1132430214.25970_0.freebsdgirl.com:2,Sefh
This particular gem has Randi's mom threatening to take her to court for not paying child support for the crotchdropping she left at mom's house.

Let this be a lesson to IRC whores: if you want to clean up your life and pretend that years of repeated sexual abuse from sexually deprived nerds didn't happen, you better completely disappear. We keep records and your actions will come back to haunt you. You will want a normal life and a husband someday, and unless you disappear off the face of the earth we will be there to make sure you never get it. If you live a life of immoral acts and parasitism you should repent your sins and seek salvation from the GNAA before it is too late.

Randi: You have been brutally exposed; demolished. You will not recover.

For more information about sektie see:

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