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[Full-disclosure] Akiva Webboard 8.x SQL Injection + Plaintext Passwords.

From: Alexander Fuchs (alexander.fuchslive.de)
Date: Thu Dec 29 2011 - 03:41:01 CST


this is my first time that i report a vulnerability to a mailing list.
The problem on the Akiva Webboard is, that you can login as
Administrator with admin'-- (SQL Injection) and if you go to the
adminprofil you can see the Adminpasswort in the HTML code.

The current version is 9. I do only know this issue and verified it with
the UN DESA ( /Department of Economic and Social Affairs) webboard 8.x /

I post this to the hacker news (he retweeted it) and some guys added
"hacked by" in the signature... :|

As usual i cant contact the right person on UN to fix this issue. What
do you think about it?

Kind regards,
Alexander Fuchs

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