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From: IT Resource Center (support_feedbackus-support.external.hp.com)
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 14:40:16 CDT

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    Digest Name: weekly HP-UX series 700 10.X patch digest
        Created: Sun Sep 2 3:05:22 PDT 2001

    Table of Contents:

    Document ID Title
    --------------- -----------
    PHCO_24454 s700_800 10.26 login(1) cumulative patch

    The documents are listed below.

    Document ID: PHCO_24454
    Date Loaded: 20010828
          Title: s700_800 10.26 login(1) cumulative patch

    Patch Name: PHCO_24454

    Patch Description: s700_800 10.26 login(1) cumulative patch

    Creation Date: 01/08/24

    Post Date: 01/08/28

    Hardware Platforms - OS Releases:
            s700: 10.26
            s800: 10.26

    Products: N/A


    Automatic Reboot?: No

    Status: General Release

    Critical: No

    Path Name: /hp-ux_patches/s700_800/10.X/PHCO_24454

            1. Partial port of 10.20 patch PHCO_24267
            2. Telnet/rlogin commands do not honor max_privs specified
               in the Remote host database (M6RHDB)

            ( SR:8606189604 CR:JAGad58818 )
            Login allows certain shell users excessive freedom.

            Login fails with the error:
                    Can not create temporary node
                    Cannot set host sensitivity level.

            Unsuccesful login attempts are not recorded, so lastb(1)
            returns inaccurate information.

    Defect Description:
            1. Partial port of 10.20 patch PHCO_24267
            2. Login is not setting the base privileges of the remote
               users based on the remote host database and user
               authentication profile

               Login has been modified to set the base privileges of the
               remote users as the intersection of max_privs for client
               in M6RHDB and base privileges specified for user in
               authentication profile

            ( SR:8606189604 CR:JAGad58818 )
            Login should be more stringent in which environment
            variables it allows restricted shell users to set.

            Login now only allows the DISPLAY and TERM variables to be
            set by restricted shell users unless configured otherwise in
            the security configuration file. To change the behavior of
            this patch, the /etc/default/security file must be created
            if it does not already exist. This file should be world
            readable and root writeable. To this file, add one of the
            following three entries:

            The new default behavior corresponds to a setting of:

            It is possible to ease the restrictions and allow the
            setting of any environment variables which are not known to
            be potentially risky. This is done by specifying:

            Finally, for compatibility reasons, it is possible to revert
            to the old, excessively permissive behavior by specifying:

            During login, a temporary node is created. If, for some
            reason, a file already exists with this name, login will
            generate the above error and exit.

            login(1) does not write to /var/adm/btmp when an
            unsuccessful login occurs.

            Merge the lastest HP-UX 10.20 login source, which has
            had this problem resolved.


    Patch Files:

    what(1) Output:
                    2001/08/23 Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 10.26 TOS [ ic5ga -
                             DAV17 ]
                    $Revision: $
                    01/08/21 cmd/login.c, hpux, hpux_10.26, ic5ga Revisi
                            on 1.8 PATCH_10.26 (PHCO_24454)
                    01/08/21 cmd/login_sec.c, hpux, hpux_10.26, ic5ga Re
                            vision 1.15 PATCH_10.26 (PHCO_24454)

    cksum(1) Output:
            2398677150 65536 /tcb/lib/login

    Patch Conflicts: None

    Patch Dependencies: None

    Hardware Dependencies: None

    Other Dependencies: None

            PHCO_17719 PHCO_20372

    Equivalent Patches: None

    Patch Package Size: 120 KBytes

    Installation Instructions:
            Please review all instructions and the Hewlett-Packard
            SupportLine User Guide or your Hewlett-Packard support terms
            and conditions for precautions, scope of license,
            restrictions, and, limitation of liability and warranties,
            before installing this patch.
            1. Back up your system before installing a patch.

            2. Login as root.

            3. Copy the patch to the /tmp directory.

            4. Move to the /tmp directory and unshar the patch:

                    cd /tmp
                    sh PHCO_24454

            5a. For a standalone system, run swinstall to install the

                    swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x match_target=true \
                            -s /tmp/PHCO_24454.depot

            By default swinstall will archive the original software in
            /var/adm/sw/patch/PHCO_24454. If you do not wish to retain a
            copy of the original software, you can create an empty file
            named /var/adm/sw/patch/PATCH_NOSAVE.

            WARNING: If this file exists when a patch is installed, the
                     patch cannot be deinstalled. Please be careful
                     when using this feature.

            It is recommended that you move the PHCO_24454.text file to
            /var/adm/sw/patch for future reference.

            To put this patch on a magnetic tape and install from the
            tape drive, use the command:

                    dd if=/tmp/PHCO_24454.depot of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k

    Special Installation Instructions: None
    -----End of Document ID: PHCO_24454------------------------------------------