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From: Omas Jakobsson (omas.jakobssoncorren.se)
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 06:39:39 CST

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    I belive you can make something like that work with Snort and Guardian.
    Snort supports killing of connections based on individual rules and
    Guardian monitors your snort alertsfile and runs a our own choice of
    script/command when it detects an match to snortrules.

    I would by the way, definately advise caution when implementeing a block
    based on any IDS, since this is prone to be a nightmare if anyone
    desides to spoof an attack from, say, a customer? or even your own

    Well, you might want to read this first anyway:




    /Omas Jakobsson

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    > Are there network "IDS" products out there that take action
    > to prevent an attack from succeeding other than to:
    > 1) Notify someone to manually deal with it
    > 2) Do a TCP RST on the session
    > 3) Put a router filter in to block the offending IP
    > I'm looking for something like an application level firewall
    > controlled by a NIDS engine that would drop offending
    > traffic at the ingress point. Something like Hogwash but
    > in a mainstream product capable of being put on a high-speed
    > production Internet feed.
    > ( http://hogwash.sourceforge.net/ )
    > thanks,
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    > Gary Flynn
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