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Subject: Re: Strange file I received
From: James Cox (jamesIMAJES.CO.UK)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 15:34:33 CDT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Vince Vielhaber" <vevMICHVHF.COM>

> I received the attached file from someone immediately after receiving a
> note from them. The only difference is I gzipped it so hopefully noone's
> mailer takes off and runs whatever it is. Just looking at the text of it
> it looks to be another virus/trojan. I don't recall seeing this filename
> on any of the lists either and this one came withoout a subject.

Yeah, this one seems to be a virus, called I-Worm.MTX originating from
http://www.coderz.net/matrix/ .

I quote from

This is a virus-worm spreading under Win32 systems. The virus infects Win32
executable files, attempts to send e-mail messages with infected attached
files, as well as installs a backdoor component to download and spawn
"plugins" on an affected system.

The virus has an unusual structure. It consists of three different
components that are run as stand-alone programs (Virus, e-mail Worm and
Backdoor). The virus is the main component, and it keeps the worm and
backdoor programs in its code in compressed form. While infecting the
system, the virus extracts and spawns them...

It continues.

Another backdoor - better tell the person you got it from!


James Cox.