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From: Quarantine (QuarantineGSCCCA.ORG)
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 16:04:23 CST

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    If any of you are using Brocade storage switches, this is a snip of an email
    from their support staff. Brocade has no information on their site and I
    don't see a Brocade response as part of the CERT notification.

    I have read our memo again. It is a Brocade confidential email, so I won't
    be able to foward that to you. However, it does state in the memo that our
    currently 2.x and 3.x firmware are not effected by this.

    Below is an excert from the memo email. Once again, I am sorry I won't be
    able to give you the entire email due to it's confidential nature.

    Proposed corrective action: None necessary for v2.x or v3.0.x . According
    to Ken Dziuba, Wind River's stack, used in our Fabric OS v2 and v3 products,
    does not have the vulnerability

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