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BIND Crash

From: Gaby Vanhegan (gaby.vanheganenglandagency.com)
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 03:05:27 CDT

Odd one this:

I have three servers running BIND 8.3. All of the bind processes crashed at
around the same time with this message in /var/log/messages and

May 14 15:15:58 swallow named[395]: ns_resp.c:3924: ENSURE(cp <= eom_out)
May 14 15:15:58 swallow named[395]: ns_resp.c:3924: ENSURE(cp <= eom_out)

I got the same message on each machine at around the same time (within 10
mins) which suggests an address scan of some sort on port 53. Each of the
machines had a file in /tmp with some code in:


Which looks pretty much like something I don't want on any of my machines.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? There is nothing about this on
CERT or SecurityFocus, but I'm still looking. It basically shut down our
DNS service, but didn't seem to get much farther.

I've increased the logging level so I can find out what's going on if and
when it happens again. Has anyone had anything similar?


GABY VANHEGAN, Web Developer

an agency called england
marshall mill. marshall street. leeds LS11 9YJ
t.0113 234 5600 f.0113 234 5601

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