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Odd windows ICMP... any ideas what this is?

From: ted klugman (tedklugmanyahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 11:04:38 CDT

Our IDS has been reporting some large ICMP packets on
our internal network. Our internal network is a
Windows2000 domain -- servers and clients.

- Packet size is always 2090 bytes
- Almost always sent from a client or member server to
one of the two boxes running Active Directory
- The ping payload itself is actually a JPEG of the
Microsoft logo. This JPEG can actually be found inside

I googled for any details, and I see that others have
run into this before. However, there were no answers,
just questions. See these two links for identical



Anyone else seen these? Any idea what's causing them?
Is this 'normal' behavior on a W2K network?

Other than the fact that they are relatively large
ICMP packets, they don't appear to be malicious in any
way. There is no other malicious traffic seen on our



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