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Re: New http attack?

From: Kirby Angell (kangellalertra.com)
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 12:56:25 CDT

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- From http://isc.sans.org/diary.php?date=2005-06-03:

"On a similar note, we've had one report of what looks to be like
another RBOT vector, this time SMB over HTTP. An IIS server will accept
multiple forms of authentication, including (non-IIS folks cover your
eyes, this will hurt) NTLM via base64 encoding. You looked....I warned
you! Look for:

GET / HTTP/1.0
Host: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Authorization: Negotiate

All that gibberish can be decoded with good ol' "mimencode -u" to reveal
an RBOT tftp download command. The long and short of it is POLP -
Principle of Least Privilege. Disable any authentication methods that
are unnecessary, especially on your big-bad-world-facing servers. Me, I
don't trust anyone to play nicely, inside or out."

Keith T. Morgan wrote:
> A google search didn't turn up anything of value on this, so I'm posting
> to the list. If I've missed something that's common knowledge here, I
> appologize for inverting the signal/noise ratio a bit with this post.
> We've seen an attack that triggered a snort bleeding-edge hit for "smb
> over http authentication." This isn't particularly alarming, but, what
> caught my attention is what appears to be a very large buffer in part of
> the packet.
> The ascii decoded capture looks a bit like this:
> GET / HTTP/1.0
> Host: obfuscated
> Authorization: Negotiate <what may be an encrypted password>
> This "QUFB" string is repeated for 1400 bytes or so, and I'm assuming
> went beyond the single packet capture I have.
> The IIS logs indicate a simple GET / with a 401 response code.
> Has anyone seen this "QUFBQUFB" string in a worm, virus, or exploit
> floating around out there somewhere? I think chances of this being a FP
> are low since we're not using NTLM or windows native/ad authentication
> on this site.
> -- Keith Morgan
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> on the grid?"
> "Yeah. Don't Crash."
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