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ISS/XForce Archives: Fwd: 2 NICs for RS????

Fwd: 2 NICs for RS????

Subject: Fwd: 2 NICs for RS????
From: Tucino22aol.com
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 08:56:41 CST


attached mail follows:

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> 7. Highlight each binding one by one then click Disable.
> Now NIC1 should NOT be
> disabled, but the bindings listed underneath will be. In order for
> RealSecure to watch the network, it does not need the NIC to bind to
> TCP/IP. This is because the Raw Packet Driver that is automatically
> installed during the setup process places the NIC into
> promiscuous mode and reads the data RAW right off of the NIC. This
NIC1 will have
> no ip address.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, I've read all of these in the downloaded manuals before I started
to install RS 3.2.
My problem with this, if I disable all of the bindings (just the
bindings, not
the NIC), than the NT automatically disables the interface, too.
I have to keep enabled something, e.g. the 3com diagnostic program.
It's an NT Workstation with SP6a.

Thanks in advance!


Istvan Takacs
Network Manager
Hungarian Gaming Co.

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