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Subject: RealSecure dynamic DB update
From: Pete Middleton (pjmiddletonhotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 04:01:50 CDT

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Hi, first appearance for me on the ISS forum, here goes!...I have a
RealSecure Console with two Network Sensors doing dynamic database updates
to the Access Database. All are running on NT4, the Console has SP5, the
Network Sensors are on SP4. The Console is version 3.2.1, the Network
Sensors have been upgraded to 3.2.2.
Very frequently (not quite every time) the dynamic update will start but it
will simply stop saying xxxx of 5000 records have been copied (there is no
pattern to the value of xxxx), and eventually the RealSecure Console enters
a "not responding" state when I try to "cancel DB operation". Once the
Console is killed and restarted, it usually goes through fine, until the
next time.
The server hardware should be more than sufficient on all three servers.
They are all Compaq Proliant DL380s (733Mhz), with RAID 1 drives and 256Mb
of RAM. All devices are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2924 switch, with
stealth cards monitoring the networks.
I have already deleted/renewed the Network Sensor's databases and reduced
the size from 50000 to 5000 and tried different high water marks etc. None
of these things have worked to date.
I don't suppose that I am the first to see this, so any ideas anyone,


Pete Middleton
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