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Subject: Re: SysVinit audit: mesg and wall
From: haradaobunsha.co.jp
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 00:21:34 CDT

>therefore we should stick to plain ascii, some time ago you could send
>0x9b (it can replace ESC [ in terminal control sequences) via write (at
>least write on slackware 3.something) - see the post on security-audit
>(try seraching for 0x9b)
>someone recently mentioned (if memory serves me correctly) that some
>locales support 0x9b as a printable character (write uses isprint() if i
>remember correctly)

Thank you for condemning all users of multibyte character sets to ASCII
hell ;)

Japanese encodings such as SJIS (ja_JP.sjis) and EUC-J
(ja_JP.ujis/ja_JP.euc) use combinations of 0x21-0x7e, 0x81-0x9F, 0xA1-0xDF,
and 0xE0-0xFC (with some minor variations). Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese
are in pretty much the same situation (with yet more variations).

As Alan says, a proper messaging service would be nice... although a proper
Unicode environment should go a long way toward fixing these problems.

-- Bruce Harada