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SuSE security discussion: [suse-security] POP3 with Outlook SSL

[suse-security] POP3 with Outlook SSL

Subject: [suse-security] POP3 with Outlook SSL
From: F. Spitzer, GEOSYSTEMS (f.spitzergeosystems.de)
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 03:19:18 CST


I am wondering if anyone has an idea how to implement a POP3-concention over
SSL from Microsoft (Outlook 98, Outlook-Express) on a Linux mailserver

I am currently using Qpop that comes with SuSE 6.3 as default POP3-Daemon.
The windoof-clients are using Outlook 98 and Express as mail-reader-program
(I am not happy with this but this was a company wide decision). To get POP3
secure the clients are using the port-forwarding option of ssh32 for
windows. Most of the users are bored of this. You also have a lot of network
traffic due to the open connections in the background. So I am looking for
a better method. The best way would be to use the build in SSL option of
Outlook. Any idea how to get this working with Linux?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Fritz Spitzer
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