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Subject: Re: [suse-security] same ip for two interfaces
From: Henning Hucke (h_huckeaeon.icebear.org)
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 08:23:50 CST

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Robert Casties wrote:

> > > The whole thing is interesting from the academic standpoint. What would
> > > happen with two interfaces of the same IP?
> >
> > Loadbalancing !?
> Not automatically I think. How would you setup routing for two same IPs
> anyway?

Hmmm?? I don't really know wether or not ARP-Addr-Jumping will do the
trick for incoming packets. But for outgoing packets you "simply" need to
activate this "equal cost roitung" in the kernel and setup two routes over
these two interfaces with the same cost.


I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when looked
at in the right way, did not become still more complicated.
		-- Poul Anderson

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