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From: Marcus P. B. (marcus_p_buHOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 08:03:53 CDT

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    >From: Famory TOURE <Famory.ToureALCATEL.FR>
    >If you are an OPC foundation member, you can obtain a free version of an
    >OPC Data Server (1.0) written by Al Chisholm from Intellution. However,
    >this server is very old (written in 1996) and is written in pure COM (no

    Another free one is from Lab43. This is what www.opcconnect.com says about
    the package:

    >>Lab43's LightOPC is an open source OPC server toolkit, produced by a
    >> >>group of Russian academics and released under the GNU LGPL license.

    >>Contrary to its name, LightOPC is a comprehensive piece of work. Its
    >> >>development is ongoing, and most of the limitations of earlier
    >> >>revisions have now been removed

    I tried it in a recent project and it worked flawlessly! It implements OPC
    Data Access V1 & V2.
    (one warning tho: it doesn't use ATL either...)



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